October 5, 2014

A Memorable FM GROUP jubilee in Dubai 2014

A Memorable FM GROUP jubilee in Dubai 2014

It was like a tale from A Thousand and One Nights – over 300 FM GROUP Business Partners from all over the world participated in an unforgettable International Motivational Training in Dubai. The focal point of the stay was a solemn Gala event, held on the occasion of FM GROUP’s 10th anniversary during which the new TT FM COLLECTION premiered.

FM GROUP International Motivational Training  started on Tuesday, September 23, and finished on Sunday, September 28, 2014. FM GROUP Leaders spent this time in a luxurious Jumeirah Beach Hotel, with a breathtaking view of one of the most famous symbols of Dubai: the sail-shaped hotel. On Thursday September 25, the guests participated in an intensive training. Alexander Michaels opened the meeting with his inspiring speech. Later, it was also interesting. Halina Melad and Alexandra Monet from Drom Fragrances took the audience to the mysterious world of perfume. Ryszard Armanowski, Małgorzata Wawrzynowicz-Mazur, Małgorzata Serwa and Szymon Gruszka held their trainings on four elements: earth, water, air and fire. At the end of the training day, the Diamond Orchids and the Jasper Star received the personalized issues of FM GROUP INFO, created especially for them.

Both the hotel interior decoration and the training topics gradually revealed the upcoming surprise, which was presented during the FM GROUP Gala on Friday, September 26. It was a premiere of a limited series of products – the TT FM COLLECTION.  FM GROUP owners, Katarzyna and Artur Trawiński, personally told the guests about the collection. This unique product line was inspired with the four elements, however the real element – the fifth one, were the ambitious people, without whom the FM GROUP brand could not exist.

During the Gala, the Leaders from all over the world received unique statuettes for the involvement in the development of the company. FM GROUP’s contractors, key partners, branch representatives and guests received special acknowledgements.

Dubai – a hot and full of lights city which never falls asleep – proved to be the perfect place to enter another successful decade of the FM GROUP brand!

We have a pleasure to present the video from the unforgettable 10th anniversary International Motivational Training and Gala in Dubai.