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FM WORLD Indonesia

FM WORLD Indonesia


FM WORLD INDONESIA is part of FM Group World. It has been founded as an MLM company in Indonesia in 2009 under the name PT Family Members Group Indonesia. Our aim is to deliver FEDERICO MAHORA brand of fragrances to Indonesia customers through the network of independent Business Partners.

Our Offices

With offices in Jakarta. FM WORLD INDONESIA serves thousands of registered Business Partners all over the country. Our main office and a distributor centre in located in Office FM Group Indonesia - Graha Inti Fauzi, lt.PH (Jl. Hj. Tutty Alawiyah No.22,Pejaten Bar., Kec. Ps. Minggu, Kota Jakarta Selatan).
Our centre and meeting rooms are avaliable to our Partners for trainings, meeting with prospects and business purposes.

Our Products

FM WORLD INDONESIA focuses in distribution and direct sales of fragrances, cosmetics and personal care. Avaliable in Indonesia are our prestigious UTIQUE brand as well as Federico Mahora branded perfumes of PURE Collection. All fragrance compositions are developed by DROM Fragrances located in Germany. Perfume are produced in Poland and supplied to Indonesia by FM WORLD. Most of our fragrances have 20% fragrance concentration.


We work through the network of independent business partners who are rewarded for their work acconding to our Marketing Plan and from the funds avaliablefrom incentive programs.
Being a local company within a global network, we provide to our partners business solutions that have been proven by thousands of distributors all over the world. We aim to provide all our members with financial stability and lifestyle that brings freedom and self-development.
Whether you are new to MLM business model or you already have experience from other MLM companies, we strive to provide you with as much support as we can. We share knowlodge with our partners through dedicated training sessions and constantly develop new sales tools to help you in your daily work.

FM WORLD INDONESIA is a part of DSA – Direct Selling Association of Indonesia.

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