October 12, 2014

Meet with Irena Oliver, Jasper Star - 2014

Meet with Irena Oliver, Jasper Star - 2014

On October 11th, 2014 FM Group Indonesia had many reasons to celebrate.

On the occasion of the visit of first Jasper Star Irena Oliver in Jakarta, Fm Group Indonesia held Business Opportunity Meeting and a training event for local Business Partners. Irena was accompanied by Rita and Gediminas who shared their experience and success stories with FM Group in UK.

The special guest at the event was also Mr. Artur Trawinski – the owner of FM Group. 

The day was full of attractions. Participants not only learnt the inside business secrets shared by the UK guests, but also had a chance to try new collection of FM fragrances and get acquainted with a Fragrance Wheel launched on that day.

However, the special attraction was yet to come!

In front of the Indonesian office, leaders could admire the newest version of Mercedes cars brought especially for this event by Mr. Artur Trawinski who launched a new Mercedes Program for Indonesian Business Partners. Some could even enjoy a test drive. 

Finally, in the evening, a Recognition Event was held to award the achievements of distributors who increased their levels in September and welcome a new Pearl Orchid in Indonesia.

It was a truly memorable day for all the participants.